Pipe-type 1 liter still Laboratory Equipment Stills

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Ref: ALB001

Copper hammered artisanal distiller.

Tin soldered or nailed to pure tin upon customer request.


Composed of:

1 external boiler with

2 brass handles

1 helmet without a thermometer

1 connection tube with quick brass unions

1 coil and cooling pot


Alembics are equipment used for distilling liquids, especially in the production of alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, vodka, rum, among others. They consist of a heated container where the liquid is placed to evaporate and then condense back into liquid vapor form. There are different types of alembics, each with its specific characteristics, but generally, they include three main parts: the heating container, the swan neck, and the condenser. The heating container, often called a boiler, is where the liquid is heated until it reaches the boiling point. The swan neck is an inclined piece that allows the vapor to be conducted out of the boiler, while the condenser cools the vapor back into liquid. Alembics are widely used in the production of craft alcoholic beverages, where they are valued for their ability to produce high-quality beverages with distinctive flavors. They are also used in industrial processes for large-scale production of distilled beverages.

Pipe-type 1 liter still
Pipe-type 1 liter still
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